FMC Technologies Suppliers

Our global supply chain organization contributes greatly to the successful execution of operations. We continually strive to identify and develop strong, long-term relationships with top suppliers globally that will partner with us to innovate and improve the industry.  

For more information on our HSE policy see our Code of Business Conduct.

For more information about Conflict Minerals, see our 2015 Form SD and our Conflict Minerals Policy.

FMC Technologies requires that all public mentions of the company first receive approval from Corporate Communications. Suppliers or other vendors to the company cannot use FMC Technologies’ logo or endorsement on any external communications channel without prior authorization. 

Requests for approval must be written in English and sent to Corporate Communications one week before distribution to allow for appropriate review and approvals.  Requests that don’t receive approval are not to be distributed. News releases may not contain contract value or imply FMC Technologies’ endorsement of the supplier.  

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Ideal supplier attributes

Supplier selection is based on a number of attributes, as well as on an audit of their financial strength and long-term stability. Requirements include that they:

  • Understand the opportunity
  • Have world-class safety, quality and delivery
  • Make the right resource commitments
  • Embrace continuous improvement
  • Honor commitments
  • Demonstrate flexibility
  • Have a mutually beneficial relationship with FMC Technologies
  • Proactively innovate, communicate and comply to contract
  • Provide FMC Technologies with a sustainable advantage (technical, commercial, quality and reliability)

Global Purchasing Terms (GPT)

English version

(PDF, 642 kb)


Portuguese version

(PDF, 345 kb)


French version

(PDF, 337 kb)


Spanish version

(PDF, 317 kb)

Administration Requirements

Deliveries to Subsea Norway

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Deliveries to Subsea Asia Pacific Middle East

(PDF, 1.4 mb)

Notification of Intervention (NOI)
 - Portuguese NOI Form

Authorization to Ship (ATS)
 - ATS Form

Non-Conformance Request/Report (NCR)
 - NCR Form

Document upload - except Norway
 - Training: Upload Process

Subsea Norway
Manual Supplier Master Document Register (SMDR)
 - Manual SMDR Instruction
 - Manual SMDR Template

Manufacturing Record Book (MRB)
 - MRB Instruction
 - Master Document MRB Index

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
 - Training: ITP Process