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Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production

As global energy demand continues to increase, the quest for new oil and gas discoveries will lead energy companies to greater depths and harsher environments with an ever-increasing emphasis on measurement equipment reliability and accuracy.

FMC Technologies' heritage dates back to the roots of oil and gas production. The company has pioneered virtually every significant advancement for measurement applications both at the wellhead and on the platform.  While rapidly evolving production techniques have resulted in new and varied demands for measurement, reliability and accuracy, FMC Technologies, with an unparalleled array of measurement solutions, can offer the right solution for any unique application found in oil and gas production.


Offshore production of oil and gas is perhaps the most arduous and hazardous environment, demanding solutions that reliably meet high-volume and high-risk requirements. Since measurement products and systems must account for virtually every measurement variable, FMC Technologies is the ideal choice for unattended measurement applications with its broad range of trusted measurement technologies. 


FMC Technologies continues to develop measurement solutions that reliably perform in the harshest onshore landscapes. The potentially harmful effects of entrained gases, sediment, water and chemicals are all factors that must be effectively mitigated through proper operations and processes. Positive displacement meters, turbine meters, gas and liquid ultrasonic flowmeters and advanced control systems allow measurement applications to run remotely and reliably across a wide range of application requirements.