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75th Anniversary - Smith Meter PD Meter

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PD Meter Patent   patent 2014 PD Meter
Left to Right: the original 1940 PD meter patent with 
our most recent 2014 patent, the Genesis PD meter

In 1940 when Reuben Stanley Smith's patent for a “fluid flow mechanism” (now known as the rotary sliding vane positive displacement meter) was awarded, he could not have imagined he had designed the prototype for one of the most famous meters ever produced in the industry for custody transfer of crude oils and refined fuels.

Since then, FMC Technologies’ Smith Meter® PD Meter has stood the test of time, developing the original design concept to meet changing industry needs in all global markets, and continuing the legacy with even newer patents for revolutionary enhancements as recently as 2014. For 75 years, the PD Meter has represented excellence in longevity, reliability and accuracy. It is the reason FMC Technologies’ Smith Meter is and will continue to be the industry standard and most trusted name in measurement.

For over 75 years, FMC Technologies’ Smith Meter® PD meter set the standard for the measurement of liquid petroleum and liquid petroleum gas, thanks to its unsurpassed custody transfer accuracy and reliability. It’s also the world’s most popular meter: over half a million Smith Meter PD meters have been commissioned globally since its introduction in 1940.

Our Smith Meter PD meter has earned its reputation. Featuring a low pressure drop, measurement stability and superior engineering, FMC Technologies’ PD meter offers an unmatched ease of maintenance and service life. Our PD meter is also extremely versatile: it’s been the first and best meter for nearly every market segment in the liquid hydrocarbon industry. From the well-head to downstream transportation, the Smith Meter PD meter works with industry-leading accuracy and reliability for that our customers have continued to depend on year after year.

And FMC Technologies follows the spirit of the PD meter’s designer, Reuben Stanley Smith, by continuing to advance technologically to find innovative ways to improve our products. 

Some Enhancements of PD Meters Through the Years:

  • Double Case Design – Eliminates any influence of pressure changes on the measuring chamber
  • Enhanced Materials – To endure harsh environments and extreme temperatures
  • Versatility – Provides unsurpassed reliability in the harshest crude oil applications, from LPG to the most viscous of crudes, including 2,000 cP and above
  • Accuracy – Sustains long-term accuracy over a wide range of viscosities
  • Stability – New design features to improve wear characteristics of the meter
  • Reduces Costs – Streamlined flow path minimizes pressure drop across the measuring chamber, which reduces flow through the meter clearances to maximize accuracy and reducing energy cost

There are two types of PD Meters:

Genesis Series Meters M16 Double Case Positive Displacement Meter
Single Case
Double Case

To learn more about FMC Technologies' PD Meter, click here.