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Talisman U.K. Frame Agreement


U.K. Blocks, including TNT, RP12, Orion TOR, TSI, TWI, TNP, Orion May, Burghley, Duart North

Landmark: U.K. frame agreement

Talisman uses FMC’s Maximum-function Enhanced Horizontal Subsea Tree (EHXT) to provide flexibility to install FMC trees in any field to be developed. The tree design accommodates minor module changes to be a producer or producer with gas lift or a water injector. It is provided with a direct hydraulic control systems interface as well as a large area to accommodate the mounting of any vendor’s Subsea Control Modules should a multiplex control system be required. This design flexibility tree functionality and controls type  makes the EHXT the tree of choice of either brown field or new green field developments.  

  • Twenty-two enhanced horizontal 5” x 2” 10,000 psi subsea trees (EHXT)
  • Twenty-two concentric all metal-to-metal sealing tubing hanger
  • Twenty-two 18-3/4” UWD-15 subsea wellhead systems
  • Alloy steel block with Inconel 625-clad metal sealing wireline plug
  • Gas lift and production chokes
  • Tubing Hanger Independent Secondary Lock (THISL)
  • ROV interface/override
  • Tool rental
  • Diverless workover
  • Integral, rig-deployed, structure approved by the Scottish Fishing Federation as a fishing-friendly protection structure
  • System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance