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Landing String System

FMC Technologies' Well Access Landing String (LS) system is the primary well control barrier during a range of subsea operations. This can be during a development well test, a well completion, or when conducting any subsequent well intervention operations on subsea trees. It is configurable for FMC Technologies’ Enhanced Horizontal and Vertical subsea tree systems in addition to legacy and other suppliers’ equipment.

The system is designed and qualified in compliance with the industry’s highest standards, including ISO13628-7. FMC Technologies provide full system integration of the LS with the subsea equipment and vessel to reduce complexity of interface management and therefore minimize operational risk.

The FMC Technologies Landing String (LS) is a 10,000 psi rated system with a nominal bore of 7 1/16”. The system complies with ISO13628-7, has the capability for Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL-2) control of both Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD). It is configurable to suit Anchored, Dynamically Positioned and Jack-up Vessels.

  • Reduced headcount on rig, less 3rd party personnel.
  • Reduce third party equipment on the vessel.
  • Reduce operational risk through system integration.
  • Reduced operational risk through SIL-2 rated fast response control system.
  • Reduced risk and maximum operating envelope through use of optional Riser Monitoring and Management system.

Landing String System

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