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C-22 DTO

Utilizing standard C-22 casing hangers, this cost-reduced version of the DTO retains approximately 10 hours of rig time savings compared to a conventional wellhead. The C-22 slip production casing hanger, qualified to 7-1/16" 5,000 psi or 4-1/16" 10,000 psi, works integrally with the split locknut connection between the tubing head and casing housing. The C-22 casing hanger can be installed In:

  • Standard SOW Casing Housing (Preset Surface Casing)
  • Standard Mandrel Casing Housing (Surface Casing Drilled Through Diverter)
  • DTO LDS Casing Housings (SOW and Mandrel)

C-22 hanger installation occurs through the BOP, and below the drilling spool. Requiring no mechanical retention of the hanger, the simple installation leads to the ten hours per stage of savings when compared to a conventional wellhead stackup.