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Frac Technology and the DTO

Even with the unprecedented changes in the oil business, saving time and money is still the bottom line. Compared to a conventional wellhead, the innovative DTO system can reduce drilling time by as much as 80% - results proven by actual customer data. DTO technology eliminates several steps in the drilling and production processes, which not only cuts down on time but also creates a safer work environment. The system requires no torch cutting, welding, or any work beneath the BOP. Fully equipped with API PR2 qualified valves and proprietary seal technology, the DTO package exemplifies the proven reliability you expect with FMC.

The Frac isolation sleeve is rated to 10,000 psi using FMC-developed seal technology, and is installed separately from the Frac Adapter (which has a 7 1/16" 10K Top Connection). Compared to a wellhead isolation tool (WIT) the frac isolation sleeve is easier to install and remove with an ISA Lubricator, and is removed through a 7 1/16" Frac tree. Tubing is snubbed through the adapter, which allows the operator to install the hanger under pressure. The Frac sleeve is full opening to 5- 1/2" casing to allow setting of BPV & down-hole plugs. Production casing hangers have the choice of an ISA or Type H back pressure valve (BPV) groove.